Involved in the energy industry

TECO has been deeply involved in the energy industry for many years. In recent years, it has expanded the intellectualized system construction for energy harvesting, energy storage and energy saving and has focused on three core green energy businesses which include solar energy, energy storage and offshore wind power. 

TECO Intelligence Energy

In addition to energy industry, we also oriented to various scopes with intellectualization as core; such as modularized Internet Data Center (IDC) and providing various solutions for smart communities through system integration, to become a provider of solutions for intellectualization and system integration from traditional equipment manufacturer. As we built the Hukou factory as green energy demonstration factory, we have integrated construction team and product equipment resources to optimize product efficiency and strive to promote clean energy and sustainable social development. 

Experience in contracting large-scale projects across borders

  Intelligence Energy business group is experienced in contracting large-scale projects. The team participated in high-speed rail project such as Changhua high-speed rail station, which won will-know "Architizer A+ awards". We have undertaken about 1944MW land-based turnkey projects for several cases of offshore wind power, and accumulated a number of Asia-Pacific IDC projects. Energy business will be one of the key development in the future. 

Green Energy Projects

Actively research and develop power and IoT integration technologies, and develop a smart microgrid monitoring system, which cooperate with wind power and solar power generation.The community microgrid devices are managed and maintained through the energy management system (EMS) to ensure system operation status and system efficiency for providing a more holistic solution for residential and commercial communities.

Biotechnology & Medical Projects

TECO not only combines biotechnology and medical construction experience, machine manufacture strength but also has experience and capability of automation equipment manufacture, factory construction, turn-key transfer and capability of equipment manufacture supervision. 

Traffic Construction Projects

Since the company has established for 65 years, we has undertaken numerous public works projects, such as the awarded MRT Songshan Station, CAL Park and Dihua Pumping Station Improvement Project, or the Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, Taoyuan Airport MRT, Taiwan high-speed rail, etc., all have good and complete performance, showing that TECO has sufficient professionals in the field to provide the most secure service in terms of manpower requirements.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects

In order to be certified by green building and EEWH, we set and achieved high standards of electrical and mechanical engineering such as integrated wiring, telecommunication and system integration in all area. The construction method will monitor and integrate the power, drainage, security and other systems of the buildings in the whole area by Web, so as to achieve the use benefits of building safety, convenience, energy saving and sustainable environmental protection, as well as humanized management.

Special Engineering

TECO is a financially sound and reputable company, and has always regarded the company's reputation as a precious asset. In terms of contracting projects, we are particularly careful to the contract interface and construction to fulfill missions. The entire cycle from design and construction to after-sales service is strictly controlled to pursue complete customer satisfaction.

Data Center & Telecommunication Projects

TECO is capable of providing integration service for transmission and distribution planning, design and construction, and has cooperated with a number of international high-tech industries to build data centers in Taiwan and overseas.  Services include construction and planning management. Construction includes electrical, water supply and drainage, fire protection, weak electricity and air conditioning etc. 

Power Device

Low-voltage switch products are important components in power facilities and an indispensable basic product for industrial development. Through continuous research and development, we have complete products models which are suitable wide range of applications to be flexibly selected according to customer needs. Low voltage switch series products feature excellent electrical characteristics, precise and sensitive action, low impact, long life and high safety, and comply with CNS, IEC, NEMA, VDE regulations; have obtained CSA, UL, TUV certificates. 


The Production & Research Division of Energy Products Business Unit  is mainly engaged in production and sales of medium and low voltage switchboards and power distribution equipment. It has various high, medium and low voltage power distribution equipment and has the most complete series of models and are able to provide complete pre-sales and after-sales services from system planning and design, production, manufacturing, construction and maintenance. 
High and low voltage switchboard and control equipment are developed through continuous research and innovation for the applicability and safety of power distribution systems in factories, public facilities and urban buildings. Except for the best service features of artistic appearance, high quality and high reliability, it is popular among users. 

Diesel engine generator

TECO diesel engine generator has superior performance and solid structure which can operate continuously for long period. Europe, US, Japan and Korea brand engines are used. After the generator and diesel engine are directly coupled through a flexible connector, they are combined on a strong shock-proof channel iron base. The whole set of equipment can operate normally in the working environment where the temperature is 0℃~40℃, the altitude is 1000 meters, and the relative humidity is below 95%. All rotating parts are covered by shields, and are equipped with automatic protection and warning devices such as high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, and starting overrun, which can automatically alarm and shutdown to ensure personnel safety.

Gas Insulated Switchger

"氣體絕緣開關設備"即Gas Insulated Switchgear,簡稱GIS。乃由斷路器、隔離開關、接地開關、比流器、比壓器、匯流排、套管、絕緣支持器、控制機構及電纜連接裝置等所組合,並將帶電部分封於SF6氣體充填且充分接地之包封外殼內。

TECO’s 65th Anniversary-General Manager Zhang Songbin Positioning Smart Energy and Strengthening Green Energy Development
In the field of smart energy, TECO will focus on offshore wind power substations, energy storage systems and smart substations in the future.
TECO 65th Anniversary Official Website

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